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Mon, Mar 31 2008 200 Motherhood We were outdoors sitting on the bench
on this crystal clear night,
and I was splliing my heart out.
I told her I was broken hearted from the previous date,
where the other one only wanted me once.
She comforted me saying I just don't understand
their kind. They are no different then us.

What a romantic connversation.
And given you already got her so close,
comforting you,
did you end up going to bed with her?

No. Five mniutes later she laid down a story that made
me look at the stars to check if I am on the correct one:

She said her mother tried to convince her to have kids
by promising she would raise them for her,
but she said no, because knowing her mother,
her promise would surely only last until they are eighteen.
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