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Sun, Jun 04 2006 100 Secrets Sh, come closer, listen, I gotta tell you something,
but please promise me you won't tell anyone in class,
or in school, or in the world, ever.
Even when we're at our own home with a husband and kids.

It will happen like this:

One day you will have a fight with him. A big one.
It will last more than a week of intense activity, and at some point,
he will go to your computer and look for some ammunition.

If he is not too stupid, he will read this e-mail very carefully.
Being that it would be right for him to do so....

How can you say that? you don't even know what the fight will be about!

Hey, this is my story.
I can say that with a one hundred percent degree of
assurance simply because a week later, you sat down with him,
and he explained gently why under the special circumstances,
he thought it was the correct moral judgment,
and you agreed and you hugged him lovingly,
and you lived happily ever after.

so, anyway, and he sees this e-mail.
So, you see, it would be a little messy
if I told you.
Lets play basketball.
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