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Export to Excel select * from life where title = 'Software Methodologies' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Mon, Nov 27 2006 100 Software Methodologies The building will be fifty stories high in all.
At first we dig into the ground enough
to have the foundation to hold the penthouse.
We plant the foundations, and run the center columns
up fifty stories high, right after.
We then make a stop by the penthouse store with the crane,
and place the penthouse we bought at the top.
We then bring the cold drinks and the beach chairs to the
terrace and sit down.
Let's continue!
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Mon, Nov 27 2006 200 Software Methodologies well, I have the drinks, can you just put the
beach chairs on the roof so we can sit?
sure, can you put the roof in place.
Sure, here it is.
Will it hold?
If I put columns underneath it will. here they are.
And what are they standing on?
Oh, ok, lets poor in the foundations.
Its getting dark, can you please turn on the light?
sure, I'll just go down to city hall to get the permit and install the wires.
Can you also put buildings together this way,
or just software?
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