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Export to Excel select * from life where title = 'Stealth of Mr. and Ms. Fish' order by date desc,ordinal ( Row)
Thu, Jun 14 2007 100 Stealth of Mr. and Ms. Fish We can meet in the motel,
but if we don't maintain absolute stealth
they will kidnap our kids.

Ok, I'l be at room eight if you wanna have them.

Fine. I'l be in room seven.

But don't forgot to be right on time,
or they will have nothing to kidnap.

Most fish spray the water with sperm and eggs.
The parents don't actually mate,
they just happen to be in the same
vicinity when they do.

In the deep Oceans,
life is sometimes so scarce,
that it is hard to find even one mate throughout life.

A solution was found to this problem.

The male makes like a pinhead.
Being smaller than the female by a huge margin,
he bites her at first sighting,
and never lets go.
Slowly he is drowning his body in her skin,
becoming like a parasite,
living off of her body,
with intermeshing life support systems.

The Ceratoid Angler Fish is a
love-at-first sight fish,
while whales are love-at-first-sex organisms,
and will stick together for life,
having decided this with the first mating.
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