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Mon, Jun 04 2007 100 Technological Size of the Planet The planet grows with technology,
even tough it may seem otherwise to some.

Before technology, the planet was capable of holding
about 10,000 people.
from about 100,000 years ago,
the first time we could call a creature Man,
unitl about 12,000 years ago,
the planet was only small enough
to hold those ten tousand population of several
dozens or so of small tribes.

Then came technolgy, and those 10,000
can now fill a space of six billion,
doubling about once in 80 years still
with no end in site.

Technology made our planet an ever expanding
baloon of human holding space,
with distance barrier only,
as described by Einstein.

We can never leave, but we can stay in for any time we like.
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