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Wed, May 24 2006 350 Video Processing - two up

1. once the movie arrives, verify on the computer that you can watch it, hear the audio,
and do the same with virtual dub.
this is a 'codecs are ok' verification.
It is important that you know you have all the common codecs on the computer
before you start applying this test and trash movies for not being able to see them.
it is especially important with rare movies, where getting another copy after
you waited 4 months for this last one, might be impossible.
In such cases it might be easier to search the Internet and download a codec to fit the movie.
you do have the all--in-1 codec pack which is quite neat in this respect.

you will be using virtualdub mostly for two things:

a. compressing the file to less than 700mb to fit on a single CD
b. converting the codecs to divx/mp3 which makes it more compatible to standards
and so will survive better through the ages of technology, presumably.
so this last one is not that important, if you can burn it to a CD you can just do that
and if your LG cab show it, good enough, all of this is way too time
consuming to be idealistic about.
In time you will learn what the LG can read, and later it will become unimportant
because the LG is just a device, and after it dies, the next one will be better in all respects
but it is still where you watch the movies so this is the focus of your work.
If you throw away too many disc for not being able to see them on the LG, don't worry
too much, throw them away, and experience will teach you to do it less often as time goes by.
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