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Wed, May 24 2006 1200 Video Processing - Dubbing The important practical point here is that the guys at virtualdub are smart
and capable and thought of all of of this and also did a great job in combating
all these problems.
Its complex chain of activity is transparent through the user interface, as long as
you understand the basics of what needs to be done, (and so what it does)
and which I was supposed to have explained in sufficient elaboration for this e-mail
to serve as a quick easy reference for the future.

Always hold the shift key down when scrolling the movie. (More on keyframes if at all, later).

Start by loading mad max two, both versions, from the disc,
do a mtza-et-ha-hevdelim, and do tell, its not like I know,
and see if you want to change something interesting to produce
an Ela-cut.

in direct answer to your question:
it is called Virtualdub, but it can only do it if you have the proper codecs in place.

Have fun,


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Date: 05/24/06 01:35:00
To: Ohad
Subject: films

Long time no see:}

Can you please recommand something that converts xvid or div3 to divx
btw, I had fun

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