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Wed, May 24 2006 500 Video Processing - TAU Short association break in the flow,
(and yes, I know it doesn't seem like flow to you just yet):

I just remembered in accuracy the event where another student caught a professor
in a mistake, it was hilarious, it went like this:
the students said, "you are wrong, because this and that, etc"
the professor, being very smart and quick, immediately replied,
"you are right of course, I had just thought of it three seconds before you said it",
the student, most instinctively replied
"and I thought of it six seconds before I said it"
almost as if saying,

"get real, we're all mathematicians here,
Freud doesn't count or knows how to,
only numbers do"

and every student in class was literally laughing out loud, and so was the professor.

incidentally, this was also in the first semester, when none of us can
be even thought to be named mathematician later in life,
so the entire conversation was in fact totally Freudian.

anyway, where was I:
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