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Mon, Jun 05 2006 300 Whodoneit I still haven't heard the word Yes.

I know, why do you think that is?

Well, I think that if you look into your feelings, you'll know.

Oh, yeah?
Yeah, yeah, I think I do.
I'm in love with someone else.

Who is it, Carla?

I don't know his name.
I've never even met him yet.
But I've had this really clear picture of him in my mind
it would seem like forever,
but he is gonna walk into this bar one night,
well, not walk really, more like swagger,
you know, confident, but not cocky.
he is OK looking, but,
he is no pretty boy.
He's a swell dresser.
He's got on his burgundy leather jacket.
He's got cherry life savers in one pocket,
and a pack of camels in the other.
He's trying to quit 'em both, but he can't.
His nose.
He broke it in all the right places.
And he's got this scar on his chin he won't talk about.
He cracks his knuckled all the time,
drives me up a wall,
what do you gonna do.
Doesn't talk much.
Doesn't have to.
He falls for me, hard.
I hurt him a few times.
He gets over it.
We get married.
So, you see, it would be a little messy
if I was already married when he got here.
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