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Sat, Feb 03 2007 100 Why, whatever for Setting survival as our goal is primary in our psycological makeup.

Everything alive, plants included, has achieved this goal,
despite enourmouse hardships and extreme death rates.

The reason it survived is because its genes happen to fit
the goal it was trying to achieve, which is to be slightly
better than the rest of his own kind in close proximity
where these minute differences are what counts.

From the perspective of evolution, spanning over many
generations of perfection accomplished via high death rates,
there is no differencebetween cause and effect,
nor between the reason for which something has happened,
as juxtaposed with a goal, for which, it should happen.

If it was raining yesterday, for example, then
from the perspective of the plant that came to life,
the rain was planned for him,
because billions of years it took to develop these
genes of his so that when this rain comes,
from the seed, there will be life.

But if the rain did not come,
then it was also planned by evolution for billions of years, because in the desert land that will be left dry,
there will be a cactus saying the same thing.
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