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Thu, Jan 17 2019 700 Xanax So I came across this very odd piece of research:

xanax at 1/8 mg twice a day raises psychometric results in healthy students.


xanax is officially indicated for anxiety disorder and panic attacks.

who on earth would have the insight to try for such an odd research, and what for?

So here is this high school student about to take his psychometric in a few month,
as he wants to become a doctor.

All his friends have fun mostly from alcohol and marijuana,
and before the psychometric, they switch to Ritalin.

"Take some, it will help you concentrate and study all night."

"Well. I have my own problems. especially at night. I think I'll stick my xanax"

3 months later:

"wow, you did better then most of us Ritalin guys"

"Its the xanax, I tell you. And I already know what my thesis will be about"