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Thu, Jul 27 2006 100 Walk Like An Egyptian So I saw these herds of cats running from the forest towards
my door.
And I warned them.
I said, everyone who doesn't like me as much
as he claims is punished by death.
So they came in by the thousands and started scratching everything.
So I killed them all.

Except that Kitty, was scratching off my shoes,
the sand that I had brought in from the beach the other day,
so I let her live.

But she was pregnant, and a few seconds later,
I had two thousand scratching cats at home again,
so I again killed all that did not scratch just
the sand off of everything,
but there wasn't that much sand,
so I brought them some sand to play with.

Of course everyone trashed the sand all over the place,
and I killed them all again,
but Kitty the 3rd was gentle,
and just dug tiny little holes in the sand,
so I let her live.

But she was pregnant again.
This nightmare has no end in sight.

Kitty 7th had a sand hole much nicer than
her sisters' which is also why I let her mother live,
and she was so proud of it she would guard it with
her life and wouldn't leave it for eating or shitting.

I took revenge at her daughters and killed everyone
who refused to eat outside the sand box
and anyone who tried to shit outside it as well.

Kitty 13 didn't want to leave droppings in her
sisters' sand holes,
and Kitty 27 was paranoid that they will steal hers,
so she covered the holes.

Kitty 2006 is called Nekko.
If you asked her "What is Time?"
She would say:
"A Song from The Dark Side of the Moon"

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