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Thu, Oct 11 2007 700 Soap Mom And I Cried with You

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Shira Dottan
Shira Dottan

Fri, Jul 13 2007 190 Evolution Soap She must stay out all night.
You know, its in her blood!

I don't think this kind of thing can be inheritted.

I don't see why not? Eye color and money is!
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Evolution Theory For Kids
Evolution Theory For Kids
Sat, Dec 23 2006 400 Soap Investment Take an I'll-paint-your-house-for-a-$100 street corner sign,
ask the guy to paint bank on the right outside wall,
sit back,
and wait.
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Mon, Jun 05 2006 200 Soap 6 Billy, let me tell you a story.
During the war, this guy Herbie and I became friends.
Well, Herbie fell in love with a wonderful Italian girl, Carla.
Thinking of Carla is what got him through the war.
Well, Carla died and Herbie nearly fell apart.
He stayed in. Drank. I've never seen anyone so miserable.
And then one day Herbie came to me, and he said:
Chet, life must go on.
And Herbie went on.
A few years later, he fell in love with another woman,
married her, and they went to Jamaica on their honeymoon,
and she ran off with a steel band.
But Herbie went on.
He married again, and this time, at the wedding reception,
his bride left him for the caterer.
But still, Herbie went on.
His next wife ran off with his partner
who ran off with his business.
But still, Herbie went on.
Because, you see, Billy, he knew that
there is a whole world out there.
He knew that somewhere,
around some corner,
he would find happiness.

I feel like a jerk.
I mean, look at Herbie.
A lifetime of disasters.
I had a week with a thirteen year old shrimp with lips.
And I'm gonna throw my life away?
thanks, Dad.

Good boy, I'll see you at breakfast.

Hey Dad?


Where's Herbie now?

Oh, he's in a... mental institution.


Yes, he just sits in the corner, talks in numbers,
and makes lovely baskets.

But, I thought, well I thought, he always goes on?

Well, Billy, please.
There's just so much going on a man can do.
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