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Sun, Jul 01 2007 30 Asimov Asimov, in I, robot,
deals with issues of morality and the cause and effect
relationship between human psychology and morality.

The cushion of science fiction,
and the seemingly purely logical
view as would be expected from a robot,
gives room for much education.
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Asimov describes how the brain of anyone
with presumed morals,
must inherently be with no soul,
for the reason of inherent variety of moral goals, and conflicts.
Moral conflicts arrive from conflicting motivations.
When embedded emotionally in the subconsciousness,
such motivations are developed over the course of life
by individual subsystems.
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Analogous somewhat to a centipede - imagine a Tabula rasa collecting legs
over the course of life,each with its own agenda.
Said agenda, the ability to embed experience in the subconsciousness,
and later act upon it - is the process worth inspection,
from the noSoul perspective.
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The development of this ability is part of the evolution
of man, to a large degree, but also that of the high order
mammals in the several dozen million years before.
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The perfected portions are the mammalian, for the most part.
The yet to be perfected parts, are where psychology rules.
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Understanding the parts, how they work,
and why they do not always necessary coincide
in their primary goal
- as might be thought to be implied by evolution theory -
is the subject of noSoul.