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Sun, Jul 01 2007 50 Principles of Evolution Mathematics What maintains the perfection we see all around us in nature,
Is natural selection.

Powered by the arithmetic of potential geometrical growth,
implying high death rates.
For mankind, this equilibrium was damaged some 100,000 years ago,
and was broken entirely some 12,000 years ago.
Humans have portions of the brain which
started evolving two million years ago,
separating humans from other primates.
It took two million years to evolve the brain
to a point it can conquer the entire territory of the planet,
but still another 100,000 years to perish in high rates while
arriving at the skills required to rule the planet.
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The tabula rasa learning ability of the brain is what gives it its dominance.
It took 100,000 years to learn how to use it just enough,
and evolution completed its task, temporarily.
The process of perfecting the human brain
was stopped very early in its evolutionary life.
Just like Darwin promised with respect to all
such perfecting processes in nature,
the brain will only evolve to be as perfect
as needed to survive.
In this case only as smart as need be to conquer
the planet from other species,
and variance will remain high as long as this process
is in progress.
For us, this means forever.
High variance in the development of the brain
means mental problems with high variance across
the individuals.

noSoul is about researching, identifying and controlling
problems that are derived from the evolutionary imperfections
of the individual systems in the brain.
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