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Sun, Jul 01 2007 15 The History of the Human Brain The vital parts for which we relate mental instinct and more
complicated structures, starts with the mammals.
Mammals first started occurring on the planet
in the early jurassic dinosaur age,
some 200 millions years ago.
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The complexity of the brain of dinosaurs at the verge of their extinction,
was already quite high, and lingered to this day with far more complex
rituals, with their only extant descendants - the birds.
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Mammals took a different path, and after the fall of the
dinosaur dynasty, evolved for some additional 65 million years,
in part towards the human brain.
The larger mammals with the larger brains with the parts
that concern noSoul, started occurring about
40 million years ago.
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The evolution from some apelike primate to human
started two million years ago and lasted until about
100,000 years ago.
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About a 100,000 years ago, man was man, as we know him
today. The fact that evolution ceased changing man
means man was perfect enough for the struggle for existence.
Yet the new quality that enabled this perfection merely
surpassed a certain level, giving mankind dominance over
the rest of Nature, causing the cessation of extinction,
and with it the cessation of the evolution of the human brain.
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The subconscious mind is composed of the parts
of the human brain which are the subject of noSoul.
These parts were perfected to live in harsh nature
surroundings over a period of some 40 million years,
with only two million years to adjust to an environment
where man is in control over nature,
and only has his own species to race against.
2 is a very small number compared with 40,
and since systems can only develop gradually over time from
generation to generation by gradation,
each step independently beneficial for survival,
the human brain never had a reasonable amount of time
to be the perfect human brain.
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