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Sun, Jul 01 2007 3000 Under Scrutiny A muscle memory unit,
from a noSoul perspective and definition,
is lack of better words to describe
the a basic building block of the brain.

A collection of such building blocks will be required
for a single identifiable process generating locomotion.
It is easy to think of this collection as a sequence,
ending with some building block commanding the locomotion of a muscle.

Disconnect, for the purpose of this theory,
the locomotion end part of the chain of building blocks,
and you have a portion composed only of pure brain activity,
much like imagined locomotion in a dream.

It is easy for example to think of a sense of balance device
as a simple composition of a bubble cell with half water half air,
surrounded by sensory organs that can tell the difference between air and water.
Yet part of the composition is the brain
sequence that analyses the information.
This could be a simple Pavlovian response composed
from relatively few building blocks,
which correlates the movement of the water in the device,
with a response of some kind (void of locomotion),
which is registered in the brain,
later only to be correlated with other instances of the same,
for comparison and re-evaluation,
and still reinforcement of the same knowledge.

It is easy to understand from this view why for example,
a sense of balance can be developed through the course
of evolution, completely separate from its owners abilty
to use it to any specific capacity.
As long as it has usefulness in some obscure way,
its quality will be ever increasing with generations.

Whether animals or mankind kind will also learn to walk
with it in due course of their gene development -
thereby having balance based instinctive locomotion responses -
or will they have to learn this trait time and again after birth,
is - therefore - a separate issue.
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