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Tue, May 10 2005 400 Ha Hevdel Ha Dak Educating Shira was always a collection of conficts of all sorts.

While with children one must always keep a degree of subtlety,
with Shira it was the opposite most of time.

Shira has suffered many hardships which caused her to
have develop to adulthood much earlier in life,
yet denial is strong for too many reasons on
too many diffrent subject matters which are central.

The net result is that in the comfort and first
time I-can-at-last-afford-to-be-a-child attitude,
Shira most of the time pretends to be extremly childish,
to obsessive degrees, with a very self-convincing act.

The educational upshot of this on my part,
is to re-clash Shira's view of reality with mine.
I tried to convey this over time,
by showing that different people have different views of reality,
and so also see different things as constituting imagination.

Little did I know all the while,
that by clashing general views of reality and imagination without adressing specfic views save my own,
the concept of this fine difference was slowly building
into Shira's musical brain.

It is much later that I started the main blog at theora.com,
and name it after The Thin Difference.
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Shira Dottan
Shira Dottan